Promote us on social media and get free items! 

We'll give you a discount code that others can use for a 10% discount. For every 5 people who use your code, you can freely choose any $20 item from our shop or alternatively $20 on PayPal!


  • Have at least 1000+ real followers on the social media you plan to advertise us on
  • Good engagement rate on your posts
  • Account must be public

Instructions on applying:

1. Email us at support@juwas.com with "Sponsorship Request: [your username]" as the subject
2. Tell us your name, age and country of residence
3. Provide links to your social medias that you want to promote us on
4. The name of the discount code you would like to promote
5. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Already An Affiliate? Here's Some TIPS!!

General Tips:

  1.  Post your coupon code regularly on ALL your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. Make sure to link directly to the store here at www.juwas.com. 
  2. Submit your coupon code to coupon code websites like retailmenot, and more. There's hundreds of websites dedicated to coupon codes.
  3. Blog about juwas.com. Start a blog on a blogging platform like blogger.com or wordpress.com and write a few blog posts linking back to products in our store and mentioning your exclusive discount code. Then, share your blog post on your social media channels. 
  4. Write in the comments section of popular blogs, youtube videos, forums, and more about Juwas and recommend the store for Kawaii Clothes & Fashion and mentioned your coupon code.
  5. Post in forums about fashion and beauty and include links to products referencing your coupon code! 

    Instagram Promoting Tips & Tricks: 

    1. Post pictures of products from our store daily, and let people know they can buy them for cheap at Juwas.com with YOUR discount code! It’s also wise to mention that there’s 100% free shipping worldwide too! You can try scheduling posts ahead of time using the app later.com too if you can't post everyday. 
    2. Make sure you’re using ALL 30 hashtags in every single post you make. This is an absolute MUST to succeed on Instagram, and is sorely overlooked.  
    3. In every post you create, mention your coupon code AND the link to www.juwas.com, even if it's just a selfie or random picture! You can tag our Instagram @juwas_store too! Don’t worry about spamming us – we LOVE seeing you promote! Remember, the underlying goal is to get your followers to the website and to use YOUR coupon code so YOU can earn $$$! 
    4. Follow TONS of new relevant Instagram accounts every single day to grow your followers. You can unfollow those who do not follow back later!
      1. If you’re not maxing out your daily follow limit and using unfollow apps to unfollow people who don't follow back, you’re not really in the promoting game yet! Get those apps and grow your followers daily! Remember, your followers are your source of potential income! Build it!
      2. Hint: If you’re not gaining at least 100 new followers a day you’re not using Instagram correctly yet. It’s very easy  to gain followers using the simple method and pointers above. For example, we went from 0 to 15k followers in less than 3 months the old fashion way! If we can do it, you can (and should!) too, especially if you want to make some real money from promoting! 

    Tumblr Promoting Tips & Tricks:

    1. Post product pictures every single day from our store with text under it with your discount code, and mention our 100% free shipping with a direct link to the item you're advertising!
    2. Use 5 strong relevant hashtags on every single post you create, no exceptions! None of this #mypost, #pink, #cute, and #queue non-sense. Those hashtags do nothing to get your post seen! Better hashtag examples are: #Kawaii fashion, #harajuku fashion, #kawaii style, #Jfashion, #Japan Fashion, or community-related hashtags to the style of clothing you're posting! 
    3. Reblog the promotional posts you created constantly and queue up a whole bunch in advance, so you can “set it and forget it”. You can queue up to 300 posts! Strong promotors and affiliate marketers  run entirely on full queues with around 25-30 posts going a day. 
    4. Mention your coupon code in your non-product posts and reblogs with a link to the store. ANY post can have a small link to the shop with your coupon code. 
    5. Reblog photos of items we sell that OTHER people have already posted (like our posts on our tumblr and just add YOUR coupon code to the reblog text below to encourage people to buy that item using your discount.
    6. Grow your tumblr followers everyday by following tons of relevant blogs who would like your content. You can follow up to 200 new people every single day! Take advantage of that!