How to Make Your Bedroom Look Super Kawaii!

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Super Kawaii!

Planning to Renovate? Here’s How to Make Your Bedroom Look Super Kawaii!

In 2020, we’re all staying home more than ever. This means that now is a great opportunity to spruce up your room. If you’re planning to transform your bedroom into a kawaii wonderland, we have several tips to make it less challenging and more exciting.

Setting up the kawaii look
You may think that you would need to get all of the design elements right away, but it’s important to keep in mind that building a kawaii bedroom takes time, money, and effort. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but you need to set a budget and think about which areas you should splurge on and which parts you should scrimp.

Budget aside, the most important thing is to have fun. Take your time to plan out your kawaii bedroom DIY project; the satisfaction of seeing your bedroom once it’s finished will be all worth it. To get started, the first step is to set the stage for your bedroom’s kawaii look.

Bring super kawaii colors into your room
Girly kawaii colors revolve around pastel shades. The safest, most popular color when it comes to kawaii style is pastel pink, but you can also opt for pastel purple or pastel yellow. For a more versatile option, painting your walls white or cream can do the trick.

Better yet, consider getting a different color for each wall. For example, you can paint one wall off-white and the other pastel blue. Make sure to apply several coats of paint for long lasting colors, drying each layer completely before adding another. For best results, remember the basics of color theory.

pastel pink room decor

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Create a focal point by adding prints and wallpaper
Defining a focal point is vital in any bedroom design. That’s because a focal point binds your room decor together, creating a natural, continuous flow. Without one, your bedroom space would look awkward and incoherent.

To make a fantastic focal point for your kawaii bedroom, choose one wall where you can place a wallpaper with cute prints, such as anime characters and floral designs. Don’t forget to apply the wallpaper in a single line, from top to bottom, to make it neat and tidy.

You may also incorporate kawaii prints all over your walls. Moons, clouds, rainbows, and flowers are popular choices to bring out cozy kawaii aesthetics. Pick designs that you will always love for a timeless, forever-comfortable look and feel.

kawaii wallpaper decor

Pick a theme to unify all kawaii elements in your room
For a coordinated visual look, choose a kawaii theme that you’re passionate about. Because kawaii style is a broad genre, you can take your pick among so many kawaii characters and icons in anime, manga, video games, and animals.

You can even choose food, especially sweet pastries and candies that you’ve enjoyed as a child. These could be cupcakes, chocolate bars, cotton candy, and various fruits.

Make sure to tie up your theme together with the colors of your room. For instance, if you opted for a Hello Kitty theme, a cream background and a pastel pink focal point could make your kawaii bedroom look well put together.

Adding Kawaii Furniture and Beddings
Once you’re done setting up the base motif of your kawaii bedroom, it’s time to add essential furniture and beddings to bring your kawaii theme to life. Whether you're shopping for new furniture or refurbishing old ones, choose cozy, comfortable pieces that can match the overall look and feel of your personal kawaii style.
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Mix and match kawaii furniture
White furniture goes well with any other color, especially with the distinct pastel pink that is primarily associated with kawaii style. However, you can also use other accent colors, such as black or wood grain, to add depth and character.

Consider painting your existing furniture instead of shopping for new ones. Pastel kawaii shades can bring a light, airy feel into your room, making it look more spacious. With the right colors and kawaii prints, an old, otherwise boring dresser can look bright and brand-new.
kawaii furniture home decor
Install a signature piece of furniture
After you have picked matching furniture to go with your kawaii theme, the next step is to add accent furniture. In music, accent emphasizes a particular note or chord; in home design, it provides something fresh and unique among the matching pieces. Without it, everything else would look pretty bland.

When it comes to selecting a signature piece, you’ll need to be creative. Look for a single piece of furniture with a distinct style that stands out. This could be a full-length mirror, a super comfy armchair, or an artistic standing lamp.

kawaii full-length mirror

Choose the cutest pillows and duvet for your bed
Your bed serves as one of the focal points in your kawaii bedroom, so picking a kawaii duvet carefully is a must. If your walls have a themed wallpaper or have lots of adorable prints, a solidly colored duvet will look great. Meanwhile, solid-colored walls will go best with a printed duvet. Princess-style quilts also work. Better yet, add a ruffled comforter for a super kawaii Lolita vibe!

In addition, you’ll need soft, comfortable pillows that feature elements of your chosen kawaii theme. The number of pillows is up to you, so you either keep it simple by having just a pair of cuddly pillows, or you can mix and match as many adorable pillows as you can find.
kawaii duvet cover
Completing Your Kawaii Bedroom with the Cutest Accessories
You’re almost done! The final touches of creating the ultimate kawaii bedroom is to invest in fun and cute accessories. You can start an incredible collection of cuddly plushies to give your kawaii room a healthy dose of playfulness.

If you spend a lot of time on your desk, why not go all out with all the kawaii stuff that you can put on it? A super cute candy-colored mechanical keyboard would be a great addition to your kawaii gaming experience. Pair it with a chunky little corgi armrest for kawaii aesthetics mixed with ergonomic functionality.

Finally, hang some enchanting fairy lights to make your kawaii bedroom sparkle! Fairy lights come in so many colors and themes; you can take your pick among butterflies, snowflakes, hearts, and even flowers. Have fun decorating your kawaii bedroom!