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"I LOVE YOU" Necklace
$26.00 USD
Cute Sakura Ring
$15.99 USD
Crystal Clover Bracelet
$34.22 USD
Sweet Star and Sakura Wings Bracelet
$13.90 USD
Sweet Sakura Silver Necklace
$26.68 USD
Macaroon Shaped Jewelry Organizer with Mirror
$15.90 USD
Cute Mismatched Cat and Fan Earrings
$14.90 USD
Cute Rabbit Pendant Chain Necklace
$14.99 USD
Daisy Flower Pendant Silver Necklace
$20.99 USD
Angel Heart Necklace
$33.14 USD
Moon Glass Necklace - Purple - Blue
$22.99 USD
Sweet Red Cherry Pendant Silver Necklace
$28.99 USD
Bunny Silver Open Ring
$23.99 USD
Red Heart Crystal Pendant Silver Necklace
$26.99 USD
Serene Crescent Moon Pendant Silver Necklace Bracelet
from $42.99 USD
Blue Whale Pendant Silver Necklace
$24.99 USD
Cow Print Makeup Bag
from $12.99 USD
Lolita White Curly Short Wig
$32.99 USD
Lovely Star Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Necklace
$25.99 USD
Rabbit Plaid Pattern 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
$18.86 USD
Kawaii Long curly Pinkish Wig
$34.99 USD
Lily of the Valley Inspired Necklace
$40.25 USD
Desktop Rotating Storage Box
from $25.60 USD
Multi-layered Pearl Bracelet
$45.20 USD
Lily Of The Valley Pearl Necklace
$50.81 USD
Delicate Leaf Earrings
$18.90 USD
Iris Flower Earrings
$72.95 USD
Sun and Moon Enamel Earrings
$29.03 USD