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"I LOVE YOU" Necklace
$26.00 USD
Sweet Star and Sakura Wings Bracelet
$13.90 USD
Cute Mismatched Cat and Fan Earrings
$14.90 USD
Cute Sakura Ring
$15.99 USD
Cute Rabbit Pendant Chain Necklace
$14.99 USD
Blue Mermaid Ring
$18.99 USD
Kawaii Lolita Mr Rabbit Pink Dangle Earrings
$20.99 USD
Cute Carousel Carnival Dangle Earrings
$25.99 USD
Sweet Gumball Machine Pastel Dangle Earrings
$21.99 USD
Sweet Peach Fruit Leaf Dangle Earrings
$20.99 USD
Kawaii Clouds and Stars Dangle Earrings
$21.99 USD
Little Princess Dangle Hoop Earrings
$20.99 USD
Cute Halloween Acorn Squirrel Dangle Earrings
$18.99 USD
Cute PomPom Reindeer Dangle Earrings
$20.99 USD
Cute Blue PomPom Dangle Earrings
$21.99 USD
Fruit Bracelet
$22.99 USD
Lovely Star Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Necklace
$25.99 USD
Cat Maple Leaf 925 Sterling Silver Earrings Ear Clip
$22.99 USD
Bowknot Fox Maple Leaf Design 925 Sterling Silver Earing Ear Clips
$20.99 USD
Mermaid Tail Earrings
$14.80 USD
Mermaid Tail Sterling Silver Necklace
$26.99 USD
Love Angel Wings Pearl Silver Necklace
$32.99 USD
Daisy Flower Pendant Silver Necklace
$20.99 USD
Blue Whale Pendant Silver Necklace
$24.99 USD
Little Star Pendant Silver Necklace
$26.99 USD
Rainbow Beads Hand Bracelet Charm
$30.99 USD
Classy Perfume Bottle Pendant Silver Necklace
$51.99 USD
Magical Fairy Wand Pendant Silver Necklace
$50.99 USD