Spring is Here: 5 Cute Outfits You Should Wear?

Spring is Here: 5 Cute Outfits You Should Wear?

Spring is Here: 5 Cute Outfits You Should Wear

Don’t you love it when it’s Spring time? When Spring arrives, the world stops and stares in awe as beauty engulfs everything it touches. In Japan, Spring time is immaculate. Along the streets, out on the mountain, and almost everywhere you go, the pink cherry blossoms bloom so delicately and beautifully. The weather is perfect for going out to cafes with friends, or having a date with someone special, or even staying at home wrapped comfortingly in your blanket as you sip your hot chocolate and watch a movie. Everything is possible and perfect in Spring.


When everything feels like a dream or a movie scene, it’s time to add a sprinkle of magic to that cup by wearing the perfect ootd’s. Your outfits don’t have to be expensive or uncomfortable. There are plenty of clothes that are both cute and comfortable! Lucky for you, we’ve made a list on cute and comfortable clothes that you can add to your ootd’s.

So what are you waiting for? Read on!


  1.       Flower Embroidery Knitted Dress

Flower Embroidery Knitted Dress

What better outfit to wear in Spring where flowers bloom and the air is welcoming than a flower embroidery knitted dress? Pair it with a stylish beret and a small hand bag or purse, and you’ll look like a fairy caught in the meadow or a model walking down the run way!


  1.       Casual Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Pair this up with a cute skirt and a plain shirt, and you got yourself a stylish yet comfortable outfit! If you’re looking for a look that’s both stylish yet you don’t want to seem like you put too much thought on your outfit, then pairing anything with a casual denim jacket works wonders!


  1.       Oversized Polo Shirt

Oversized Strawberry Polo Shirt

Want to play safe with your outfit? Just grab a high-waisted shorts or a high-waisted pants and pair it up with an oversized polo shirt tucked in it, and you’ll look like the perfect definition of “the girl next door”. A simple outfit and your natural beauty will look perfect not only during Spring season, but any season.


  1.       Denim Overall

If you want a more laidback yet cute look, how about a denim overall? Pair it with an oversized shirt, a tank top, or even buy a denim overall set to complete the look, and you’ll definitely sport the “young and free” look. You can even match it with a pair of converse and you can spend the day from chilling at a café with friends, to strolling around the park with your special someone. Check out our cherry print pocket overall set and fall in love!

  1.       Plaid Pleated Skirt

No matter the year and age, a plaid pleated skirt will never go out of style. In fact, you can never go wrong with a plaid pleated skirt? Pair it with a tank top? Sexy. Pair it with an oversized shirt? cute. Not only will a plaid pleated skirt accentuate your figure, but it changes the entire vibe of your outfit. Take our Japanese pink plaid pleated skirt for example: it’s soft pink color gives off an aesthetically pleasing vibe while also making you look like you just came out from a manga!


There are so many kinds of clothes out there that you can try, and the possibilities are endless. However, include these 5 pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and you’ll be amazed by how many outfits you can create just with these 5 pieces.  If you purchased from our shop, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @ juwas_store so we can see your photo and share it to our community! We’d love to see your style!

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