Top 6 Kawaii Shops You Shouldn’t Miss!

Top 6 Kawaii Shops You Shouldn’t Miss!

  Tired of looking for trustworthy and world-class kawaii shops? We know how hassle it is to find kawaii stores that fit your kawaii needs, so here’s a quick guide on some of the best kawaii shops around the globe made especially for you:



      Location: Tokyo, Japan

       Nothing beats the classic. Sanrio is one of your go-to kawaii shops especially when it’s the home of Hello Kitty, the face of kawaii and the brand ambassador of Japan itself. It features some of the cutest characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars and more.

Dedicated to Sanrio’s philosophy of being a social communication business, Founder and Chairman Shintaro Tsuji mentions that their company strives to continue creating characters that cultivate an environment of respect and love ever since Sanrios’ establishment in 1960.

The common denominator of all things cute from Sanrio Co. may it be a social communication gift, kawaii greeting cards or your favorite Sanrio character plushie, is that it comes from the heart and made by the heart.

2.Tokyo Otaku Mode (JAPAN)


       Location: Tokyo, Japan

       Tokyo Otaku Mode is one of the most trusted e-commerce site featuring Japanese culture merchandise. They feature plushies, character goods and even the trendiest Japanese apparel which makes them one of the most diverse kawaii shop around the globe.

       Its mission, aside from bringing Japanese culture across the globe, is to ship Japan’s finest Otaku goods across international borders as well. They select high-quality and beautifully designed products sealed with authorized authenticity stickers for customers’ guaranteed satisfaction.

       Aside from the long list of Kawaii stuff you can get, Tokyo Otaku Mode dedicates itself to creating a caring and conscientious customer support to establish a strong connection with its consumers all over the world.

3.Bento & Co. (JAPAN)


       Location: Kyoto, Japan

       If you’re craving for anime featured food selections or just simply want to eat in a bento box made out of love and kawaii, then Bento & Co. is definitely your safe haven! They offer bundles, bento boxes, Japanese food and even Japanese cookware of various shapes and sizes.

       Before they became the leading online retailer specializing in bento boxes and accessories in Japan, Bento & Co. had a humble beginning. Its founders, Thomas Bertrand and his wife Erico, who is a Kyoto native began with establishing an online shop from a tiny house in Kyoto in 2008. They seeked help from friends for logistics and a starting capital of 30,000 yen to move forward with operations.

       Over the years, they have expanded globally after moving in Kyoto last 2012. Bento & Co. values love for Japanese products so they ensure great service by staying true and accommodating to their customers. No wonder they have been awarded as Japan’s premier specialty bento box retailer!

4.Artbox (UK)

       Location: Brighton, UK (for Artbox Café)

       Wondering where to get your kawaii needs outside of Japan? Artbox UK is the place for you. Offering authentic goods as a retailer of Sanrio Tokyo and your iconic kawaii brands like San-X, Pusheen, Kamio, Iwako and Tokidoki, Artbox Co. UK ensures you’ll find home in their items.

       What makes Artbox so special is its Artbox Café that currently features Gudetama, the lazy egg as its primary theme. They serve kawaii dishes perfect for that Instagram hang-out photo with friends or family, as well as Gudetama’s Lazy Lounge filled with kawaii-themed sweet treats and snacks.

       Aside from this, they also feature a Sanrio boutique filled with Gudetema goodies and other kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, PomPomPurin and Cinammoroll! Plus, this café and shop participates in the Eat Out to Help out scheme providing its customers with 50% discount from Monday-Wednesday all throughout August!

5.Washi Wednesday (SINGAPORE)

       Location: Singapore-based but ships worldwide

       If you’re a fan of making kawaii art or cute projects, Washi Wednesday is a Singapore-based kawaii store that caters to your creative juices!

       They have the widest selection of MT Masking tapes, Bande Washi Roll stickers, Traveler’s Notebooks Covers, Inserts, Refills and more. Washi Wednesday is all about crafts and designs so they ensure to pick the best designs and colors for you.

       The landscape of arts and crafts has also evolved and one of the trendiest designs for journaling and other art projects include kawaii washi tapes. With their wide variety of products, this will surely add an unexplainable pop and glow to your designs.

       Their notebook and journal collections are also highly-recommended specially for personalized and smudge friendly designs. Moreover, they also offer free worldwide shipping for purchases over 75 Singaporean Dollars. How convenient and kawaii!


Location: United States but ships globally (Online web store)

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