kawaii Plushies

Whether you're looking for a sweet gift 🎁 for a child, a playful decoration for your home 🏠, or just a soft and cuddly companion for yourself 🥰, our collection of kawaii Plushies has something for everyone. Explore our pages to discover the kawaii plush toy to suit your taste and personality.

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Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Plush Toys
from $19.95 USD
Cute Elephant Plush Stuffed Toy
from $19.95 USD
Fat Shiba Inu Plush Stuffed Toy
from $30.80 USD
Sandwich Bread Plush Stuffed Toys
from $18.80 USD
Hamster Plush Holding Snack Stuffed Toy
from $46.00 USD
Lazy Bernard Dog Jumbo Plush Pillow
from $50.80 USD
Pink and Yellow Star Shaped Plush Pillows
$16.90 USD
Soft Long Leg Huggable Cat Plush Toy
from $26.88 USD
Adorable Chubby Cat Plush Toy
from $18.99 USD
Cute Penguin Plush Stuff Toy
from $19.80 USD
Comfy Animals Square Donuts Plush Pillows
$18.99 USD
Maid Animal Fat Plush Stuff Toy
$18.99 USD
Kawaii Animals Cushion Plush Pillows
$18.99 USD
Pastel Knot-Tied Plush Throw Pillow
$25.80 USD
Tulip Duck Shape Plush StuToy
$21.99 USD
White Swan Plush Stuff Toy
from $18.99 USD
Cute Titmouse Plush Toy
from $28.69 USD
Pumpkin Shaped Throw Pillow
from $25.90 USD
Cute Duck Inspired Cushion
from $25.99 USD
Cute Cinnamoroll Cushion
$42.60 USD
Cute Cat Doll Plush Toy
$18.60 USD
Cinnamoroll Cartoon Plush Toy
from $16.80 USD
Dream Alpaca Plush Toy
from $14.60 USD
Long Cat Plush Toy Animal Pillow
from $24.95 USD
Cat Throw Pillow
$32.80 USD
Cute Duck Hand Warmer Blanket Pillow
$32.80 USD
Kawaii Cartoon Animal Stuffed Toy
from $29.95 USD
Undercover Grumpy Cat in Costumes Plush Toy
$29.95 USD