A cutie assortment of sweet and printed socks inspired from school girl anime, harajuku japan and lolita. Perfect for your youthful child-like look!.
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Galaxy socks
$5.99 USD
Vintage Tulip Socks
$5.99 USD
Cute Cartoon Bear Socks
$5.20 USD
Cartoon Socks
$15.80 USD
Cute Cartoon Flowers Bunny Socks
$15.99 USD
Vintage Flowers Cotton Socks
$17.53 USD
Japanese Bow Summer Socks
$13.99 USD
Cartoon Bear Socks
$16.99 USD
Cute Strawberry White Socks
$13.85 USD
Pastels High Ankle Socks 6Pairs Set
$19.50 USD
Japanese Harajuku Stripe Knee Socks
$12.99 USD
Kawaii Basic Lolita Ruffled Knee Socks
$10.90 USD
Lolita Knitted Open Socks
$14.90 USD
Kawaii Bunny Over The Ankle Socks
$8.90 USD
Lolita Basic School Girl Over The Ankle Socks
$7.90 USD
Chic Goth Cross Strap Knee Socks
$9.60 USD
Cartoon Lace Over Knee Sock
$14.99 USD
Lolita Hearts Ribbon Knee High Socks
$15.80 USD
Kawaii Lolita White Ribbon Over The Knee Socks
$8.60 USD
Lolita JK Bow Lace Socks
$12.90 USD
Kawaii Lolita Two-Tone Stripe Knee High Socks
$16.99 USD
Sweet Lolita Lace Ribbon Knee High Socks
$9.90 USD
Classic Lace Up Tie High Ankle Socks
$8.99 USD
Kawaii Lolita Bandage Pattern Over the Knee Socks
$8.90 USD
Kawaii Night Black Cat Knee Socks
$12.90 USD
Lolita Flower Edge Lace knee-socks
$12.99 USD
Cow Print Knee High Socks
$16.99 USD
Cool Galactic Embroider High Ankle Socks
$8.90 USD